Clinical Drug Development and Therapeutics

Drug development is the process in which a new drug comes into the market once a lead compound has been identified through various process. Drug design mostly referred to as rational drug design or simply rational design, where the process of searching new medications is based on the knowledge of a biological target. The drug is a small organic molecule which plays a role to activate or inhibit the function of a biomolecule such as a protein that in turn results in a therapeutic benefit to the patient. Basically, drug design involves the design of molecules those are complementary in shape & charge to the biomolecular target with which they can interact and as a result will bind to it. A generic drug is a drug which is equivalent to a brand-name product in dosage, quality, performance, strength, route of administration, and intended of useage. In the stages of drug development research, the preclinical development initiates before clinical trials can begin, and during which important feasibility, iterative testing & drug safety data are collected.

Lead Discovery Methods

  • Advanced Technologies Involved in Drug Discovery
  • Preclinical Research
  • Clinical Research
  • FDA Post-Market Safety Monitoring

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