Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research

The chief impartial of pre-clinical studies is to define the safe dose for first-in-man study and assess a product's safety profile.  Pre-clinical development also recognised as pre-clinical studies and non-clinical studies .In the drug development, preclinical development, is a phase study which prior to earlier clinical trials can begin, and during which important possibility, iterative testing and drug safety data is composed. Generally, only one in every 5,000 compounds that arrives drug discovery to the stage of pre-clinical development befits as an approved drug. These pre-clinical studies involve local toxicity studies such as acute, sub-acute, chronic toxicity studies and systemic toxicity studies such as genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies.

  • Developing pharmacological profile of the drug
  • Pre-clinical research leading to clinical trials
  • The preclinical Development Process
  • In-vitro and In-vivo studies

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