Pre-formulation & Formulation Aspects

The physio-chemical and mechanical properties of the drug are indispensable in the preparation of the drug in pre-formulation studies. In dealing with protein pre-formulation, it is important to consider the solution behavioral of a given protein under different physiological conditions. While formulating the drug, physio-chemical properties like particle size, polymorphism`, pH and solubility are should be taken into consideration as they impact bio availability and the activity of a drug. The formulation should ensure that the dosage should have a uniform appearance, acceptable taste and capsule disintegration properties.

  • Freeze drying aspects
  • Pre-Formulation in Drug Development
  • Drug Formulation Considerations
  • Major Challenges in Drug Development
  • Physiological Drug Environment
  • Hot melt extrusion
  • Preclinical Formulations
  • Biopharmaceutical Support in Formulation
  • Intracellular drug delivery systems
  • Challenges in drug development
  • Physiochemical properties of a drug

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